Egg Free Waffles with a Log Cabin Box Mix

If your egg free due to allergies or personal reasons, you know that when shopping for foods or baking, it can deem itself pretty difficult.  If you find something that doesn’t contain eggs, chances are it probably requires you to add eggs.  However, if you’ve ever had the opportunity to experiment with a boxed mix and an egg replacer, you’ll know that it’s truly a science experiment that can go either way.  Tasty or not so much.  I’ve bought several different boxed mixes and tried out the egg replacer and had horrible results.  I really gave up and decided that scratch baking was the only method to go with. Until….

Kelsie loves waffles, I have yet to find a recipe that doesn’t require an egg to make them. I decided one afternoon while doing some shopping to just grab a box and go with it.  I went for the one that looked like it contained the most “real” ingredients and wasn’t processed in a place that would have cross contaminants, that just so happened to be Log Cabin. However, don’t let their “no high fructose corn syrup” fool you on their syrups.  They do contain corn syrup, just not of the high fructose kind!  Why put corn syrup in it at all?!  But that’s not why your here.

Egg Free Waffles with a  Log Cabin Box Mix

Your gonna make this waffle recipe exactly like the box says, except your going to replace the “egg” with a flax egg.  One tablespoon of ground flax seed and 3 tablespoons of water.  Mix it up first and let it sit while your getting other things ready for your waffles, like your syrup, butter, plates, forks, etc.  You want it to gel up.

Your waffles turn out fluffy and just exactly like they would have if you had used an egg.  I know this because I also made one batch with a real egg for the rest of us.


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